Programs Overview 

Fast Track

Northland Racquet Club Fast Track Program is a program designed to bring players back up to speed at an accelerated pace or to start new students on path to tennis fun, success, and fitness.

Junior Tennis

Northland Racquet Club Junior Tennis Programs focus on developmental training for all ages and ability levels. Classes will use a combination of dead ball, live ball, and situational training methods to develop player’s technical, tactical, and mental game.

Adult Tennis

We have several programs to help you reach your tennis goals. In addition to standard programs we offer individualized programs for small groups.

Adaptive Tennis

If your child has a disability that prevents them from playing “regular” tennis, they can still enjoy all of the benefits the game of tennis provides with adaptions designed to meet their individual needs.

The Original 41

The game of 41 — invented at Northland — is fast paced, competitive, and strategic, with music pumping the entire time.


Cardio Tennis

Cardio Tennis is a one hour, high energy fitness based class that combines the best features of tennis with cardiovascular exercise. Only very basic tennis skills are required to participate.

Call to Learn More

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