LED Lighting Upgrades!


We have finished our first phase of LED lighting upgrades. KCPL has come out and approved everything. We have submitted all the necessary paperwork to KCPL for phase two and await approval. When approved, NRC will be adding an additional 32 LED light (16 per side) to the courts. Our target installation is during the holiday PCT break. Please support this enormous capital upgrade by taking some clinics, privates, play some 41, expand your PCT play. Everything helps! Most importantly, growing our membership will insure a bright future for years to come. Please refer players!!

Best Regards,

-Jason Grubb


Family Turkey Burn Off!!

We’re having a family turkey burn off, and you’re invited!

Turkey Burn Off is 90 minutes of nonstop action with tons of fun to burn off all those thanksgiving calories.  Spend some time with the family on the tennis court!

Participants will go through every station twice for a full body cardio workout.

Stations Include:

  • Cardio Tennis (Dead Ball Drills)
  • 41
  • Live Ball Games (Burn calories while having competitive fun)
  • Fitness Fun (Workout station with tennis specific conditioning)

Time : Friday, November 24th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Ages : 12+

Fee: 30$


Sign up at the front Desk or contact a Tennis Staff Pro Member at (816) 842 – 8811