Instructional Program

Program Introduction

Northland Racquet Club Junior Tennis Programs focus on developmental training for all ages and ability levels.  Classes will use a combination of dead ball, live ball, and situational training methods to develop player’s technical, tactical, and mental game.  Tennis specific athletic based movement will be emphasized at all levels.  It is normal for players to remain in the same level on the pathway for several sessions.  Players will progress along the pathway when they have reached the appropriate skill set, as well as other factors determined by the tennis staff.

Fees (Unless noted*):MemberGuests
1 Hour Class$148$188
1.5 Hour Class$222$282
2 Hour Class$296$376

Session Dates (8 Weeks)

  • Session 1 – Monday, August 14th – Sunday, October 8th (No class 9/4)
  • Session 2 – Monday, October 9th – Sunday, December 3rd (No class 11/23, 11/24)
  • Session 3 – Monday, December 4th – February 4th (No class 12/24 – 1/1)
  • Session 4 – Monday, February 5th – Sunday, April 1st (No class 9/4)
  • Session 5 – Monday, April 2nd – Sunday, May 27th (No class 9/4)

Level 1

Red Aces

This class uses a red ball, and is on a 36′ court. The emphasis at this level is on continued athletic motor skills, as well as basic technical, and tactical development. Players will learn to server, rally, and play. This class is designed to prepare kids for 8 and under competition on the red court. *$110.00 per session

Level 2

Orange Hot Shots

This class uses a orange ball, and is on a 60′ court. At this level, players will continue to develop their technical and tactical skills while learning to play the game. Players will work cooperatively in different situations to challenge them. Emphasis will continue to be on serve, rally, and play.

Level 3

Green Smashers

This class uses a green dot ball and is on a full 78′ court. This level is for juniors who have progressed through our ROG pathway, and / or are ready to play in novice tournaments, KCJTL, or JTT. Focus will continue to be on technical, tactical, and athletic movement training. (Membership required after 2 sessions.)

Level 4


This class is designed for juniors who have, or are ready to play USTA Challenger tournaments and aspire to play in high school tennis. Practices will be level appropriate and will continue to focus on fundamental, technical, and tactical skills. Players will also be involved in KCJTL and / or JTT teams. (Membership required after 1 session.)

Level 5


This class is designed for motivated junior varsity high school, USTA NET and Open level tournament players. Emphasis is placed on tactical development and establishing a playing style. Players may also represent Northland in higher levels of KCJTL and JTT. On court conditioning will be included in this program.

Level 6

NRC Select

This class focuses on stroke development with extensive live ball and point play analysis. Increased fitness and conditioning are key components. This class is designed for the serious tennis athlete who aspires to thigh level tournament play, and possibly college tennis. Participants selected by coaching staff only. No open enrollment.



This class is designed for entry level players who aspire to play high school tennis and / or other recreational tennis. Basic stroke mechanics will be taught as well as fundamental tennis tactics.

Friday 41


Come and have some fun with some FRIDAY 41! Players will compete in some friendly mini sets and 41 depending on the number registered for that week. Get your match play on!

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