Junior Tennis 

Program Introduction

Northland Racquet Club Junior Tennis Programs focus on developmental training for all ages and ability levels.  Classes will use a combination of dead ball, live ball, and situational training methods to develop player’s technical, tactical, and mental game.  Tennis specific athletic based movement will be emphasized at all levels.  It is normal for players to remain in the same level on the pathway for several sessions.  Players will progress along the pathway when they have reached the appropriate skill set, as well as other factors determined by the tennis staff.

The programs are continuous and in most cases your student can join in at anytime. The fees will be adjusted for only the remaining classes in each session. During the school year you can expect 8 lessons in each session and 5 lessons in each session during summer break. It is not possible to purchase individual days. Northland offers our students the opportunity to make up missed lessons as long as they are made up in the current session. We want to make sure that students receive training whenever possible.

Call for the session schedule

Call 816 842 8811 to sign up.